May 16

Cinco de Oh No!!!

Sorry guys…but it has been a hectic two weeks. The day after I just wrote about hopefully having a slow week…what happens? THE EXACT OPPOSITE!!! So lets start from the beginning.

Cinco de Mayo…..5/5/15….a date that will live in infamy!! I woke up and did my normal routine to get ready for work. I don’t do cardio on Tuesday’s so it was a pleasant day to sleep in. Well, when I pulled off I noticed the highway already had tons of traffic due to a little bit of rain (ugh). So, I decided to take the streets to work which I have done plenty of times. Not this time though!! This time…dun dun dun….on a one lane road I had braked (full stop) and then BAM!!!!! Out of nowhere REAR ENDED…..and then PUSHED INTO THE CAR INFRONT!!!!!!! AAHHHHHHH!!!!


It was a nightmare…I can literally still feel/see/hear the cars crunching. My baby (above) Is soooooooo hurt and bruised!!! The front end got smashed the hardest for some reason.  URGH!!! Just what I needed…stress during competition prep. After the crash, I immediately started feeling neck pain and I was completely in shock. I called everyone and finally managed to calm down.  After waiting for the police to make the report and of course taking tons of pictures and exchanging information, I went to work. This was obviously the best place to go since I work in an orthopedic office and they handle lots of MVA cases. I immediately made an appointment with our spine doctor and then tried to start contacting the other guys insurance company which was a dead end. Thankfully, my mom got lawyers involved so they are handling all the dirty work. 

My doctor took X-rays and it showed that I had a marked reversal in the cervical spine and a muscle strain. He ordered physical therapy and an NSAID (which I took for about a day and then had to stomach due to serious stomach pains). In general, my neck is movable and I am fine with daily life and working out but it still does ache occasionally. I have to constantly stretch it to make sure it doesn’t spasm (worst pain of my life).

I started physical therapy this week and it felt amazing!! She helped relieve some tightness in the neck muscles with some massage and passive stretching and then I spent time hooked up to the E-Stim machine and an ice pack. I initially thought, I was seriously fine and it would go away quickly but day after day it seems like I will need to continue therapy….sigh!!! Oh well…this is life and we just have to manage somehow. 

UnknownWell…in addition to the car crash, my weight did not budge that week. I of course felt leaner and looked better but still… weight change. I attributed it to a possible plateau so it was time to bring in the big guns. I really want to be ahead for this competition so I knew it was time. I started cycling carbs.

imagesOf course, my calories are still really high and my current low carb days aren’t even that low. I compensate for the decrease of carbs with additional protein and fats. I am making sure that my diet is smart and on point. The lower carb days haven’t even affected my energy levels (actually feel more energized)….maybe my body likes the higher fat/protein combo. I am seriously full all day and am NEVER HUNGRY unlike when I was eating a higher amount of carbs during bulking season and the beginning of cutting. I do miss my favorite carbs such as waffles, english muffins, and jasmine rice but I manage to squeeze them in on my high carb day.

In the end guys…I HAVE A GOAL…..NOTHING WILL STOP ME!!!!!!

So let talk training…my intensity and strength has decreased a smidgen due to my neck pain and my lower weight. I have been focusing more on higher reps and slightly lower weight with perfect form to still get that pump but not risk spasming my neck muscles. This is actually convenient(thinking positively), because that is EXACTLY what sort of training I should be doing at this time. I just like to lift heavy in general but this is a nice switch up. In all….I am still killing EVERY WORKOUT….and making fantastic strides in my physique but I still wish I didn’t have this accident. But that is exactly what the universe tries to do….it compensates positive with negative. When everything was going great and positively the universe has to throw negative at you and how you handle the negative is what builds character/strength/success. 

20150509_184640Well….I weighed in this week and OMG….I dropped almost 5lbs!!! I was sooooooo happy to see it finally change. I think the carb cycling and the addition of a fat burner has shot my metabolism through the roof. I am leaner everyday and feeling more and more confident to hit that national stage. I know what package I have hiding underneath the rest of this fat and I am 100% sure I will make tidal waves in Vegas!!! Nationals are a much different ballgame and in the past I overestimated my physique and always fell short. I was never as lean and conditioned as these contests require. This time…I am prepared…I am ready….and I am making sure to stay ahead of any curveballs!!!

So lets talk about my suit a little…hehe. I actually finished sewing the bottoms last week which meant I was done sewing!!!! MERP/BOOM/CLAP/STOP!!! Let me rephrase that…I thought I was done sewing lmao!! I had actually already received my Swarovski Rhinestone crystals and diamond connectors so I was psyched to start bedazzling. My excitement was high up until Doni saw the finished top with the connectors and all and said one thing….”I thought there would be more coverage”….AHHHHHHHHHH……boy did I throw a tantrum lol. I thought the cups I chose were perfect in size as by the time the competition comes my lack of body fat will completely erase any presence of breasts but he still didn’t think it was enough. Of course…he handled my tantrum like a pro and ensured me that if I thought it was enough coverage then that is all that mattered. After a whole day of huffing and puffing, I had to admit he was right. He is always right….so I knew as soon as he said it….I was going to have to start over with a bigger molded cup. 

b51c30_6a7880b2699f4338bb57c6828869383a.jpg_256Even though I had ordered all my additional crystals and even finalized on my inspiration for the design (secret secret), I got the bigger cups and started over today at Mom’s. I actually have plenty of time left but since I have the process down already the top only took a couple hours to complete!! I am going back tomorrow to do another bottom piece. The one I made is perfectly fine but I have A LOT of extra material so of course….practice makes perfect. A stick there and an angle here may make the difference in this version of the bottoms. Sigh….I WANT TO BEDAZZZZZLE!!!!! 

Phew….that was a mouthful that I needed to get out. Sorry for the long story but like I said…..very hectic two weeks. There are so many more details I could have elaborated but ya get the gist…hehe. For now…I am off to enjoy the rest of the night and start back up early tomorrow morning for another fun week of competition prep….woop whoop!!!

May 04

Birthday Bonanza

Top of May to you all!!!

I can’t believe it is May already but I sure am not complaining. This year is flying by. The weather has finally broke and it feels like springtime in the Chi. Flowers are blooming and the birds are for sure chirping. Well let’s recap my week.

zombie_walkingI am finally feeling the effects of prep. I felt like a walking zombie the latter part of the week. The only time I woke up was when I trained. I am literally giving my all to training and the rest of the time is just blah…lol. When I weighed in this week the weight did go back down but not as much as hoped. I wanted to end April at 165 and I was just a pound over. Oh well…I still feel very very lean! Technically, I am officially 12weeks out now and I have visible abdominals!!! That is incredible. I don’t think I have ever “started” prep in this condition. You definitely live and you learn your body every prep and I am quite sure that this prep I am hitting it out the park. Of course there are set backs and I definitely feel my strength drag on occasion but that is well expected.

My cardio sessions were very consistent and I actually hit the bleachers again on Saturday. The weather was so great that I actually had to do the session in a t shirt rather than my normal oversized hoodie (so I can sweat more). Again….I gave those stairs my all! I huffed and puffed and used expletives externally to push myself…lol…it’s crazy but it really does help me in an odd way. My strength training sessions felt great as well. Every day, I see more definition come in and it gets me SOOOO excited! Hard work definitely does pay off in the end.

Book-Carbohydrates-HeaderDue to my weight being a little wompy, we finally decided to lower my carbs a little. I probably could have kept everything the same still but I am sooooo anxious lol. I am actually surprised my calorie counts and carbs are still so high so I know we have done this prep right. So far energy levels are still relatively high due to lower carbs so hopefully my body keeps responding positively.











Along with my Mommy’s birthday, it was this Stinky Fella’s Bday! For his birthday, I gave him a nice and delicious bath with his new “I Love Pethead” Strawberry Yogurt shampoo and a bone for him to annihilate. The shampoo was especially for flaky and sensitive skin and the smell was sooooo gooood!! I seriously didn’t want his bath to end lmao!! The whole bathroom smelled like strawberries….thankfully this ultra-male bulldog couldn’t tell the difference in this feminine smell but I definitely could!! All I can say is, I can’t wait for his next bath lmao!

imagejpeg_1And now to the GRAND CELEBRATION!!! I have waited all week long to celebrate my Mommy’s birthday due to the fact that I picked an amazing restaurant. It was definitely worth the wait.20150502_123903


The restaurant is called Creperie St. Germain and like the name indicates it is a quaint French restaurant that specializes in all things crepes lol. There were savory and sweet crepes GALORE!! I chose this restaurant because I knew we would all enjoy it especially my picky Grandma lol. I figured it’s just like Russian Blintzes so there should be nooo complaints at all.

imagejpeg_4To tell you the truth…I was still a little nervous about the restaurant because I am soooooo OCD with my macros and my food preparation. I really thought the crepes would be fatty and I would just have to plan this as my cheat meal/official 12 week out last meal. I studied the menu all week long and tried to create a crepe with substitutions that would be the least offensive to my macros. I literally googled the names of all the sauces (they were in French) to find one that wasn’t full of cheese and an obscene amount of butter. Again….this was my expectations based on other restaurants who love to be unhealthy even on their healthy dishes ugh.

20150502_131147To my surprise….I was wrong about everything!!! The savory buckwheat crepes were super light, thin and surprisingly healthy and the filling was not fatty at all. I had the Foresteirre which was Amish Raised Chicken, Spinach, Onions and mushrooms and I subbed the Classic Mornay Sauce (cheesy) for the tomato coulis (tomato puree). It was BOMB DOT COMB!!!! Mom had the salmon crepe and grandma fell in love with her Coq au Von Crepe lol. She literally couldn’t stop telling us that hers was the best lmao!!

20150502_133745After our savory crepes, we had to have one of the DELECTIBLE sweet crepes. To our surprise they actually had a Birthday Crepe Special so boom it all worked out for us!! My mom is a Chocoholic (her specific words to the waiter lmao) so they gave us a “Marquis” with a side of Chocolate Ice Cream. The crepe was filled with some sort of chocolate mousse and topped with strawberries and cream. 20150502_134224I only had three bites but those three bites were TOO DIE FOR!!!! In my honest opinion, just like the savory crepes…the sweet crepe was not “unhealthy” at all. The crepe was very thin and I can sense any additional sugars were kept to a minimum. When I am back off prep and not freaking out about every single thing I put in my body, I am definitely have a sweet and savory crepe each without any guilt!!

imagejpeg_2 imagejpeg_3Along with our sweet Birthday crepe, we each enjoyed a fancy schmancy French-Pressed coffee. The waited was super busy so he quickly rattled off the instructions on “brew” length which we completely ignored and just did our own thing lmao. Either way the coffee was beyond amazing and I was raving about the taste for the next hour lmao!!

imagejpeg_0After our amazing weather brunch, Mom took us on a drive through Wilmette because she absolutely loves the atmosphere and houses there. I spotted a thrift store and we all agreed that it was worth the stop plus we didn’t want to go home yet. So….Mom found a bunch of trinkets and a couple pairs of pants and I hit the jackpot with a BeBe dress. Seriously….it fit like a glove…no….it fit like someone sewed it right on my. It was a size small and even though I am not my leanest it looked beyond amazing. It is a semi off shoulder gray dress that hugged and accentuated my delts like I haven’t ever seen before!!! I am sooo excited to rock it when I get that Pro Card in Vegas!!!

Anywhoo…after an exciting brunch and thrift bonanza we all headed home and I returned back to my routine….macros and training lol. On Sunday, I went back to my Moms bright and semi early to get some time in on my suit. Last week, I finished off attaching the elastic to the leg holes with great disappointment and frustration so I came in with a positive outlook and a fresh mind this time and it definitely paid off. In the end, the elastic was covered up with last step and the “practice” bottoms suit looked like it was the real thing!!! We were soooooo proud of ourselves. Everything came together in the end. With the bottoms practice round complete I started on the real deal.













As you can see, my little sister Abby (my mommy’s Dog) was a super big help along the way lol. I didn’t finish in this session because I wanted to come back to the suit next week with fresh hands. I attached cut out all the fabric and attached the lining to the spandex and called it a day. In all, I felt extremely confident in how this suit will turn out in the end. I also received my diamond connectors and my Hot Fix Rhinestone gun so I was ON TEN!!! The connectors were sooooo shiny and I can already picture it now how they will end up looking on stage. They are definitely worth the investment.

After my sewing session, I went ahead and killed legs…..once again!!! I actually loved the way my legs responded to last week’s routine that I followed it to the tee but I had an extra scoop of glutamine after to combat the soreness that I experienced last week. Every day, I love how my legs are responding and although I know there is still a lot of hard work ahead I am confident that I can get “there”.

Phew….that was a lot! Hopefully, this week will be a little less excitement and a lot more business lol. Yes….I am boring like that and I love hard work and routine….because I know the end result will be EPIC!!!!