Nov 24

Stuffed Peppers for the Win

Day…..?….I already lost count…lol. Seriously though….it has only been less then a week but I can already tell that I will be living this meatless life for years to come. I do not miss chicken or fish at all and because I haven’t absolutely restricted myself and still have the option to participate in meat dishes on occasion, I feel at peace. That flexibility is key when you are transitioning into something new…weather it is drinking more water, exercising or in my case going meatless. 

Going meatless has sparked my creativity and I feel better and better with every meal. Morally and ethically, I feel like my removal of meat has saved a couple animals already and for that I consider this transition a WIN!!

Meal Rundown


  • Smoothie (Protein Powder, Kale, Frozen Banana, Cucumber, Parsley, Chia Seeds and Peanut Butter)
    • I am seriously obsessed with my breakfast smoothies. They make me feel so detoxed and light after I eat them. Plus, the boost of vitamins and minerals is the right dose of energy for my morning.


  • Split Yellow Pea, Lentil and Red Kidney Bean Soup with 2 slices of toast



  • Stuffed Pepper (Quinoa, Wild Rice and Peanuts Blend (costco) with sautéed Mushrooms) and a side of broccoli
    • I have eaten a lot of stuffed peppers in my day….and I couldn’t tell that this didn’t have any meat. I loved the addition of peanuts to the peppers. It gave a certain crunch to the dish that is absolutely to die for. I will have to start experimenting with the addition of peanuts to my dishes some more. 


  • Fiber one bar, 2 Caramel Rice cakes with sliced banana and powdered peanut butter, Post Workout Protein “nice cream” and a quest bar
Nov 18

Ovo-Vegetarian-Vegan Day 1

Yes…yes…today is the first full day that I have gone meatless for every meal!!! I am so excited and psyched for this transition. I seriously have not missed my usual protein sources. I also finished off the last of my dairy products (greek yogurt)! I still do have tubs of whey protein….but I can promise you that my next reorder of protein will be from plant sources!!! AAAAHH!!!! I want to scream it from the top  of a mountain on how freeing this feels. Not having to rely on meat and using my creativity in my cooking is bringing me life.

Last night, I slow cooked a soup that I had for lunch. It was a Split Yellow Pea with Lentil soup. Ingredients:

  • 2 cups dry split yellow peas
  • 1 cup dry lentils
  • 2 carrots (sauteed)
  • 1 onion (sauteed)
  • 1 celery stalk (sauteed)
  • Seasoning: 4 Chicken Bullion cubes, cumin, salt, bay leaves, paprika and caraway. 

I tossed it into the slow cooker over night and woke up to a chunky thick and filling soup. I neglected to take a picture because honestly there was no amount of lighting that would make it look appetizing  Overjoy 

Although it wasn’t appealing to the eye it was definitely appealing to my taste buds. I almost had a whole bowl of it “taste testing” it in the morning…hehe.

20151118_17281420151118_172625-2Anyways…after work today I did some grocery shopping to re-up on my veggies and fruit. I also FINALLY stopped by a Korean Market that is literally a minute from my house just so I can price check their tofu and just general browsing. Well…to my surprise the whole store is filled with lots of goodies I can’t wait to sink my teeth into BUT I settled on some extra soft tofu, firm tofu and a “prepared” tofu dish. I was super excited for the prepared tofu dish because it was my treat to myself for embarking on this transition and I wanted to know how tofu should taste when the “professionals” make it. Let’s just say….I WAS  NOT DISAPPOINTED!!! I will definitely be making that store and their prepared vegetarian dishes a “treat” meal for the weekends…lol. 

Well….to sum it all up….my first official meatless day was 150% success and I am full and completely satisfied with my meals. I can’t wait to keep experimenting and seeing how my physical, mental and spiritual health will be effected in a positive way.  Approve 


Meal Rundown

Breakfast: Protein Crepes w/Greek Yogurt Filling

Lunch: Split Yellow Pea and Lentil Chunky Soup

20151118_201028-2Dinner: Store prepared Tofu with Green Beans and an egg to top it all

Snacks: Greek Yogurt(last bit), sliced cucumbers, carrots, bananas, apples, quest bar.