Apr 18

Bleachers and Waffles

Wow…that week went by fast! Seriously, I think I blinked and it fast forwarded from Monday all the way to Saturday. This is the way people should live and then they wouldn’t complain about how their work week drags I-m-Bored . I live for each day and take advantage of every day to better myself whether it is physically or mentally or spiritually. I actually wish there was another day in the week so I can get more accomplished!!

Any whoo…lets start from the beginning. Training was splendid all week long….I killed my legs again on Sunday which was exasberated by the fact that my calfs were soooooooo tight from those bleachers last Saturday. Back and arm training sessions both felt extremely strong and powerful. We keep switching up reps based on how I feel and so far although I am losing weight/fat every week my strength has been consistent if not stronger!! That is great news because for a bodybuilder the thought of losing strength is as worse as nails on a chalkboard. MY GAINZ!!!!!! 53741064Morning cardio sessions have also been flying by. Yes…they are HARD and I am using all my willpower to push my legs on each sprint. I am not slacking at anything….whether it is cardio or strength training I give it my all. I come in push and push and push…..I leave exhausted but still hungry for more.

Body wise…I feel amazing!! I feel leaner every morning and my weight has been steadily dropping. My macros are still high but my training sessions are intense. When I plateau I will drop my macros (carbs specifically) but until then I just have to “keep swimming…keep swimming”

Today, was a super fun day. I don’t think I stopped once. I really wish I had more hours in the day. When I was younger Saturday was all about the sleeping in until noon and chillaxing alllllll dayyyyy long. Now….I woke up super early and hit those bleachers. 


This week I went to a different high school and I LOVED?hated these bleachers lol. They were much more sturdy and there were twice as many to stair cases to go up and down. I did about 5 rounds and died!! Seriously…the best workout ever. Can’t wait for next week to do it all over again and hopefully feel stronger and more conditioned. 

After my fasted cardio and breakfast routine I had the lovely surprise from Mom and Grandma of a new carpet.

20150418_165156Someone was UBER happy about the new carpet lol. Seriously…he didn’t jump on the couch all day!! WOOP WOOP!! Thanks MOMMY…you have solved my dog couch problem lol.

Well after my new carpet move in, I followed mom and grandma back to start on DUN DUN DUNNNNNN…..MY COMPETITION SUIT!!! Yes….you heard me…this year I will be attempting to sew and bedazzle my suit. Am I crazy….just a little….is it worth it HELL YES!!! Not only does it give me bonding time with the mom and gma but also it is a hell of a learning experience. This was obviously installed in to my brain by none other then my booboo bear Doni. My little angel is always teaching me to better myself.  Angel 

Anyways….after several hours and a lot of frustration over the molded cup nipple (LMAO) we finally made a semi decent looking practice top. I will be joining then again to attempt a real round tomorrow. We shall see how it turns out…but by the way the practice mold looks….MY SUIT WILL BE SOOOOOOO BADASSS!!! I am going to leave the colors and details a secret to leave everyone in suspense lmao!

20150418_170141P.S. My mom is sooooo nifty she DIYed a homemade pin cushion from a sponge….SOO CLEVER!!! I love her soo much…seriously what would I do without her???? Princess 

After my sewing session, I went home and had my new favorite pre workout snack.


I have been using english muffins with a banana for pre workout snack during the week but I found a new found love of waffles for my weekend workouts. Well…last week I found these at Target and I knew I had to get them. THESE ARE SERIOUSLY BOM DOT COM!!! When they are toasted they taste exactly like a birthday cake!!! SO FRIGGIN GOOOD!!!! I think those waffles were magical because I KILLED my belt workout!



I did a variety of exercises with a lot of high reps and the pump I got was RIDICULOUS!!! I actually tried a 60/40/20 rest pause on Lateral Raises which got sooooo much blood into my debts they grew within minutes. I am sooooo using that trick for my pump up before stage. 

Sigh….anyways….. another week gone but soo much accomplished….now its time to rest. What will next week bring to the table?


P.S….Guess what came in the mail to day? My @influenster Bella VoxBOX!!!! I am soo excited that I got picked to review these fun items!! I will leave that for another post because  :Crazy2:


Apr 11

After a LONG HIATUS….I am back….AGAIN!!!




I know, I know…I keep going on long breaks from blogging but to my defense I had a extremely long and life changing 2014. I don’t want to get to personal so I will leave it at just that……long and life changing 2014. I do however want to quickly recap my competitions from last year. After a hard cutting season I ended up placing 1st in my class in the NPC Omaha show June 7th and then bombed at Jr. Nationals in Chicago the following weekend. It was the biggest class of AMAZONS(tallest class) EVER!!! Anyways…after nationals I went into to off season and the rest is history.

Well, today is today and I am once again back into competition prep and loving every second of it. I started like I usually do at the beginning of the year with an extremely LONG and SLOW cutting season. I decided to do things completely different this prep and not rush things. Right now…I am actually planning on revisiting Vegas in July and competing in the NPC USA Championships. So here I am…14+ weeks in and I am actually down 20lbs and feeling and looking tighter then I have ever felt at this point in past preps. WOOP WOOP!

This week was a very good training week filled with lots of fasted cardio and hitting my macros right on every day. I am actually eating 100g more carbs this year which is GREAT!! I am still losing weight and my strength and energy are keeping steady if not increasing.



Today, I switched up my regular fasted cardio routine and decided to hit the bleachers at a local high school. I was hesitant about them because I thought I wouldn’t get the same effect as I do from running sprints on the treadmill but I was DEAD WRONG!! By DEAD WRONG…that is literal…I was dead at the end of the workout. My friend who is also prepping joined me so we suffered through the hell workout together. It actually really helped having her there. I swear running up and down bleachers causes you to use all your creativity to make up new curse words lmao! Anyways, I ended the cardio session with my usual sweat session in the gym sauna.

I came home to my new weekend favorite of savory oats with MUSHROOMS!!!!

Well, its the weekend so I am ready to be productive with laundry, learning (oh yea…I am getting my Nutritional Therapist certification) and lettuce (groceries…lol…I needed another L-word). 

Anywhoo…I promise I am back….and I promise to keep updating on my progress and my life and add new and exciting recipes.