Jan 19

Week Two Done: Let’s Do This!!

Well, it has officially been two weeks since I started competition prep and I still love it!! I haven’t weighed myself yet but I plan on tomorrow. I really try not to gauge my progress by the number on the scale but once in a while it isn’t so bad. I am already feeling my clothes fitting better and I feel my stomach slimming down. Not totally dramatic that others can see but I definitely can tell. Woot Woot!!

I have done cardio in the morning all week, which means I got my lazy butt out of bed, an extra hour earlier and somehow managed to push through 25minutes on the Stairmaster.  I have only been doing 25minutes because not only can I PHYSICALLY NOT DO ANY MORE but I want to start out slow and build up time as I go.  Seriously, my little heart can’t beat fast enough to push my extra weight on the treadmill. Mentally…I am GO GO GO!! But physically, I have to stop and catch my breath every 5 minutes. EEK!! That’s what I get for going so hard during bulking season on weights only and completing subtracting cardio. Oh well, I enjoyed the time off and its making competition prep so much more fun and focused!

My strength training has been going great as well. I still feel like my upper body isn’t big enough but I can only do so much before my body rebels. I know I have made tremendous gains and I know that I will be pleased with what is underneath all of this fluff but there will always be that constant urge to be bigger. Like the meme below describes…..once you start the sport of bodybuilding….you will never be big enough….but that is the best challenge ever because it never stops!!!! There are athletes 20 years into the sport and still hit the gym every day to improve. I LOVE THIS!!!!


 As far as diet goes, I am still counting macros and still sticking to clean food. I decided I was going to wait a couple of weeks before I do a cheat meal because OBVIOUSLY my body has a LOT of fat reserves to burn through…lol. I am mostly eating fish and red potatoes but I am still managing to fit a pop tart in post workout. Oh yea…..you heard it people….you CAN lose weight and enjoy the good and devilish things in life!!! I love pulling out my pop tart and protein shake at the gym while all the New Year Cardio bunnies are suffering on the treadmill for hours. BE SMART PEOPLE!!!! This isn’t that hard. It is all will power and knowledge about the food that you put in your body. 


Is This What Counts As A Cardio Workout Imageimages










Anyways, I just wanted to catch you guys up a little on how I was doing and I am still ecstatic about PREP!!!! I am trusting the process and know that this all takes time. I am ready for this challenge and know that the results will be amazing.

     Until next week, this is Masha SIGNING OFF!! 

Remember: Practice Safe Sets…always have a spotter!! Tounge-Out


Jan 12

Back at it and loving every second of it!

Yes, I am alive and back at it. Due to some unexpected job changes, I really needed to take some time off IMG_5792post competition in July. I can say I went to Nationals in Vegas and I was awakened!! I came to Nationals pretty much right after my first competition in April hoping for the best but knowing I would be up against some stiff competition. I had actually placed 15th out of 21 amazing looking girls. That competition opened my eyes to how much I needed to grow. I had been in the best shape of my life but still very tiny when considering muscle mass. These ladies were so muscularly dense but still so feminine I WAS IN AWE!! 

After I came back, I set my eyes  straight to bulking season. I had my bikini body already and now my goal was to let my body heal, relax and xb I stopped counting calories and just started enjoying food but still training HARD. I ate pretty much whatever I want but still tried to keep it clean once in a while. These past 6 or so months have been wonderful. I was able to enjoy the 


holidays but still know that I am putting on incredible muscle size. In the END I gained about 50lbs!!!!!!!! If this was 3 years ago I would have gone into complete meltdown and ran on that treadmill till I died but today is different. I have restarted counting MACROS and weighing everything I put in my stomach. Oh…and the biggest thing is I began my morning cardio sessions which I haven’t done in 6 months!!! I have only strength trained and let my metabolism restart.

I feel great. I feel reorganinzed and ready to attack this competition prep. I am giving my self A LOT of time to slim down. I do not want to lose any of this muscle I have worked so hard for. Seriously, I am so excited to do this. I know it will be hard and I know I am going to want to give up but in the end I KNOW it will all be worth it for that feeling on stage. AAAAAHHHH!!!

My first week is done and It was brutal but I loved every second of it. So far, I have done three 25min stair master sessions in addition to my isolation strength training session. Those cardio sessions were horrible. I seriously was dying after 5 minutes yet alone dripping head to toe in sweat. Although my limb muscles have significantly grown, my heart muscle has completely gotten out of shape. BAD GIRL!!! Well, that is all about to change back.

Even my diet is going much easier. I only lowered my calories a little to start as to not shock my body and surprisingly it has been super easy. I actually had several days where I couldn’t reach my appropriate macros because I couldn’t eat anymore…lol. Woah is me…I know….poor Masha can’t eat enough to lose weigh lol. Well that is the difference,  after 6 months of stuffing my face with anything I craved I DON’T CRAVE IT ANYMORE!!! My body is totally fine with eating clean food 80% of the time and trying to fit some fun food into my macros. Seriously, this “If it fits your macros” plan where you can eat anything as long as it fits your macronutrient counts is amazing!!! Last year I tried to make sure I hit calorie amounts and I was always starving but now that I am focusing on hitting my macronutrient amounts its a breeze. I mean it will get harder when I don’t have as much fat reserves to use energy from but that is just part of the process that I LOVE!!!

Anyways, I just wanted to repeat how excited I am for these next couple month to shed all this fluffiness and see all of that hard work show!!!