Oct 08

10/08/2012 Cardio Workout + Weekend Wrap up

Masha’s Munchies Delicious


  • Raisin, Walnut, Cinnamon, Brown Sugar Oatmeal


  • Chili

After Doni’s nephew’s football game yesterday, we all decided to gather as a group and make some homemade Chili. It was a particularly cold day for football so we all needed some hot chili in our stomachs. It was so DELICIOUS for lunch today. I will definitely be making a pot for my place either this week or weekend.


  • Pear


  • Teriyaki tilapia w/green beans

Masha’s  MusclesAerobics


  • 3miles (walk & run)

On Saturday, Doni decided to push me through a marathon battery! By a marathon…I literally mean a marathon. I ran 8.5miles to the gym then did an 1 1/2 workout at the gym which included a leg circuit and a little upperbody. My workout didn’t stop there….I finished that out with a 8.5mile walk (run) walk walk walk home. I was hurting, sore, achy BUT I had burned 3000calories by the time that most people get up on Saturdays!!!! That marathon caused me to not be able to move at all without looking like a I was 100years old. With that being said….this morning workout was definitely going to be light so I attempted my best at doing a decent cardio workout. I ran when I could BUT the soreness in my legs caused me to walk the majority of the time. I in NO MEANS am complaining! I am addicted to this feeling and I actually feel amazing about it! Woot woot…in total I actually was running for like 3hours on Saturday…oh…btw…no ipod or headphones….I HAD A LOT OF TIME WITH MY THOUGHTS!! That much time with my thoughts is CRRRAAZZZYYY lmaoo.

Hopefully…I feel up for an actual workout tomorrow!

Oh…btw…it is definitely Halloween season.

On my way BACK from the gym…THIS GUY/MONSTER SCARED THE SH*T outta me!!! Well…not really but it was still funny having to run past him and him going “roooaaarrrr” over me…LMAO!! It was actually just an employee advertising the costume and decorations store behind him. Good times!


Masha’s Weekend Wrap Up

After a couple weeks break, we made it back to the movies.

The choice this weekend was Taken 2. We absolutely loved the first movie but the unfortunately the second movie was a little disappointing. The trailer was a little corny (since it used the same “lines”) but we still had hope. In the end, it wasn’t as good. I don’t think they should have pushed for a sequel. Of course, the action scenes were cool but some of the writing wasn’t up to par for what we hoped from Liam Neeson. We both agreed that we could have waited for it to go on DVD to watch it.

Before the movie, Doni and I enjoyed a nice date and enjoyed some Italian Beefs and people watched. WE ABSOLUTELY LOVE PEOPLE WATCHING!!! Campus is the best place to do that. The weather was just a little too chilly but watching from the inside was FUN!!

After the Italian beefs we walked down the street to Starbucks and enjoyed a nice warm  Pumpkin Spice latte and split a blueberry coffee crumb cake! That was my marathon day so calories were absolutely not getting counted. We  still did take it light and had a smaller size of the latte but in my mind I KNEW I EARNED IT!! That latte was absolutely delicious. I actually never tried their pumpkin lattes so I was super excited. OVERALL, it was an AMAZING Saturday. I felt so comfy and warm after that latte…it was like being back on my couch with 5 blankets on!

 Sigh….only 4 more days till I can fully enjoy all my blankets again…lol

Sep 19

9/19/12 Workout

Masha’s Munchies Delicious


  • Raisin, Brown Sugar Oatmeal


  • Raspberries


  • Tilapia over spinach, radishes, red bell pepper w/Pomegranate Balsamic Vinegar


  • Cottage Cheese w/Strawberries


  • Tilapia w/caramelized onions, mushrooms and green beans.

Masha’s  MusclesAerobics


  • 6.57miles Bike (Morning)
  • 6.57miles Bike (Afternoon)


  • 1.1 mile walk

Masha’s Medley Cool

Good thing to strive for….excellence as a habit. You get to excellence through mistakes, problems and lots of hard work!


Smart measuring cup. Oh…that would be awesome! I hate having to bend down and make sure that the liquid is at a certain line. I know…I know…it really isn’t hard to do but still this would be pretty cool.


This is the Namaste Hotel in India….beautiful!!!!! Those architects definitely put in some work designing this magnificent building.


Heheh….a bulldog as superman…BRILLIANT!!! The only thing he can save from dying is….umm…welll..nothing…LMAO!! I love his face.


Apple pie dip w/cinnamon-sugar tortillas!!! Dang! If I didn’t already commit to making apple nachos for tomorrow potluck this would definitely had been the next best thing! Oh well maybe next time. (Recipe Link) All you need is apples, brown sugar, lemon, cinnamon, corn starch, tortillas, butter and sugar. YUM!!!! I WANT!!